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Alexander Griboedov was a Russian writer, diplomat, and composer who lived from 1795 to 1829. He is best known for his play «Woe from Wit,» which is considered one of the masterpieces of Russian literature.

Griboedov was born into a noble family in Moscow and received an excellent education, studying at the University of Moscow and then at the University of St. Petersburg. He also studied languages, including English, French, and German. After completing his studies, he began a career as a diplomat and served in various posts, including in Persia (now Iran), where he was appointed Russian ambassador in 1828.

In addition to his diplomatic work, Griboedov was also an accomplished writer and composer. He wrote poetry, plays, and essays, and he composed music for the piano. His most famous work is his play «Woe from Wit,» which he wrote in 1823. The play is a satirical comedy that skewers the hypocrisy and corruption of Russian society at the time. It was initially banned by the censors, but it became very popular when it was finally published in 1825.

Unfortunately, Griboedov’s career and life were cut short when he was killed in 1829 during an uprising in Tehran. He was attacked by a mob and died of his injuries a few days later. Griboedov’s death was a great loss to Russian literature and culture, and he is remembered today as one of the greatest Russian writers of the 19th century.